Welcome to the Wanch!

We're a small software company who is dedicated in bringing you software that is not only easy to use and reliable but relatively inexpensive as well. Our own interests dictate what software we write. Hence you won't find any software that we sell or that we, as musicians, don't actually use ourselves!


If you're a musician and want some Macintosh OS X software that gives easy control over your Behringer FCB1010 or V-AMP series modeler:

 iFCB the easiest way to program or simulate the Behringer FCB1010

iVAMP for programming and control your Behringer V-AMP 2, V-AMP 3, and Bass V-AMP's.

FCB_Bridge if you have an FCB1010 and want a typical stomp box setup for Amplitube, you can independently control five or ten stomp boxes on/off/momentary plus there is Smart Wah.


If you’re looking for The Fabulous Blue Wabbits, use this link.

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