FCB Bridge

Note 512 Master

A Soft Solution:

FCB Bridge is a software stomp box solution to address some of the short comings of the stock FCB1010 firmware. As a complete stand alone solution, there is no other software required.

FCB Bridge enables either a 5 or 10 stomp box mode setup and stomp modes support both toggle ON/OFF and momentary ON or OFF. Thus you can turn an effect on or off, plus have it either momentary enabled or disable for as long as you hold down the button of the FCB1010.

In addition, there is also a Smart WAH function to make using the FCB1010 expression pedal operate as a traditional Wah pedal did to bypass the effect.

A custom FCB1010 SYSEX is supplied so you aren't required to program the FCB1010 by hand.

FCB Bridge Setup :

Using FCB Bridge requires four steps (clearly outlined in the FCB Bridge manual with screen shots):

1. Create a virtual MIDI port using Audio MIDI Setup.
2. Send the custom SYSEX to the FCB1010.
3. Select the IAC created MIDI port in Amplitube or GR5
4. Use the "Learn" mode to complete the programming.

The main window of FCB Bridge shows a mini-FCB1010 without the expression pedals in a five stomp box mode setup:


Buttons 6-10 are typical ON and OFF stomp toggles.

Buttons 1-5 are momentary ON or OFF (dependant on the current state of the stomp buttons 6-10). Hence if button 6 was a Drive stomp and bypassed, it would enable for as long as you held down button 1.

System/MIDI Requirements:

  • Macintosh OS X - 10.5 or newer 
  • Behringer FCB1010 Firmware 2.3 or newer (UNO firmware not supported)
  • Dedicated Midi Interface: MOTU  MIDISPORT 1x1, 2x2 (UNO not advised)
  • Amplitube or Guitar Rig 5.

Demo will run for 10 minutes before input from FCB1010 is ignored.

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