As a Mac user, if you use Henning Karlsens excellent UTFT library you know that the only way you can generate the graphic files needed is to use his online Image Converter.

We stepped up and filled the Macintosh gap with whoRAW565. This app will create the .c/.h/.raw files that the UTFT library uses.

Download whoRAW565.

iBT - Bluetooth HC05 Programmer

A free programmer/configurator for Bluetooth HC-05 boards. It's designed to use a Silicon Labs USB to Serial adapter (CP2102) with their driver for OS X (it shows up as a SLABUSBtoUART in the serial port menu).

You can read about the software in my blog.

Download iBT.


Using uScoreCard on your Mac with a Callaway uPro golf GPS thats been enabled with Score Plus you can retrieve your games score and share the results with other members in your group.


Highly Liquid has some super slick MIDI decoders that you can use to control anything your imagination can come up with. To help with SYSEX programming the MSA-P/R/T series I wrote Moose and  Sqwerl (for REV K boards) they are available for both Mac and Windows.


Perhaps you're a model railroader? We once were too! We enjoyed the hobby for a number of years and only because of downsizing were we forced to give it up. But our loss is your gain. We have two free programs for you! We have FastClockX and the name implies what it does...and secondly we have Mac-N-Trax. Our layout was Digitrax controlled and we ran the whole layout from our own software (a laptop) and a LocoBuffer.

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